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Dose Amigos is composed of Jose Prado and Spencer Schumacher who are both Point Blank Music School graduates with an emphasis on sound design and arrangement. Their musical skill set and creativity is apparent through their music productions and their live song selection.


With a hybrid electronic and live performance, Dose Amigos are more than the typical DJ's. The Amigos are pure fun.

Their debut EP "Dosin" released on Nov 2nd 2018 and exemplifies the duo's diversity in dance music by combining dance music genres such as: Deep House, Tech House, Bass House, and Brazilian Bass. A blend of electronic dance music that pushes the boundaries of multiple house genres.


If they had to put together a list of top musical influences they would be Alok, Beowülf, Drezo, Loge21, NuKid and Matroda. There are many other influences of our their sound that stem from house origin, but these are artists who have had a lasting impression.

Origin:  Boise, ID

Genres:  Electronic, Dance, Psychedelic 


Years Active:  1969- Present

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