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First Dose of 2019

2018 was another year of growth for Dose Amigos, we released our debug EP in November and had some of our best shows to date. We are really excited for what we have in store for 2019.

Speaking of that, we have some things happening right as the new year starts.

First, some radio play!!! On January 5th we will have an hour featured at Confession Radio (C89.5) Seattle WA radio station hosted by Justin Hartinger. Tune in at 11pm PST to catch it HERE!

Also, we have the opportunity to part take in the RAW Showcase in Boise ID on Wed, Jan 23rd.

RAW showcases indie talent in visual art, film, fashion & accessories design, music, performance art, beauty, and photography. Snag a ticket HERE! There will be plenty to see!

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